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According to the official statistics published by the porn watch site, women make up a quarter of their audience. That means 14.4 million girls regularly log in to watch some high-quality erotic videos. What is included in the list of interests? It mainly depends on the region of residence: The Swedes are interested in films with older actors, Chinese women look at Hentai, and the British prefer tapes with elements of sadomasochism. Yes, women love porn. They love to watch, shoot and even argue. However, most of the girls share the weariness of the classic, which focuses on boys and is sometimes frankly boring pornography. Against this background, so-called female or feminist porn was created. Watch porn movies. When I first watched porn movies—when I was younger, at a party with friends or with a boyfriend in college—I was disgusted. These tapes were weird, ugly, and women didn’t like what they were doing. I didn’t even consider majoring in erotica, but watching these movies has paved the way for me to become a sex-positive feminist, “says Eric Last, one of the most popular female porn directors. He claims that he wants to have sex as he sees it: a beautiful process without an intellectual component, full of pleasure and joy. Female sexuality is experiencing several waves of revolution. Anal Porn The first of them is often associated with sex toys; see for yourself how joylessly and unconditionally we have moved from voluminous and frankly unaesthetic vibrators to miniature gold-colored devices. From agricultural products like turnips or squash in general to pocket works of modern art. The second wave is also precisely connected with watching porn: the era of films created by women is approaching for women, and it is focused on the pleasure of girls as well as men. What is the purpose of feminist porn lovers? If you want, do porn in a way that portrays a man and a woman as equal sexual partners and employees. Destroy a model of erotica in which sex is portrayed as something a man can do to a woman or something a woman can do to a man. What’s in classic porn that female porn creators don’t like? Most erotic strips differ in their completely false notions, regardless of whether they were designed by their creator or not. Women have been humiliated, abused, and insulted, even if only within the framework of dirty pornography, and it is frankly frightening that such scenes are presented in a way that attracts men. According to some activists in the feminist porn movement, such a policy could lead to the development of rape culture. However, the objectification of women is not always so obvious. The truth is that most porn movies are created by male directors primarily for other men. This ends with the camera taking on a “masculine look” and removing what the average straight guy would look at. For example, it ends What’s not in female porn? Take it heartily: in movies like these that deliberately distance themselves from mainstream porn, you don’t have your favorite characters. View free porn. For example, dissolute schoolgirls, disobedient nurses, Nyan-Nymphomaniacs, or housewives, it was decided to forego anything they could pay for pizza. A movie like this tends to be realistic, but let’s face it: In real life, the frequency of situations where a secretary gives the title of paying for their own mistake in sex work at a copy machine tends to zero. Brazzers watch porn Alas ah. Are these movies the same? A natural question arises: wouldn’t it be the same if all these tapes showed scenarios that could be possible? No, directors are considering experimenting with genres. Feminine porn can be modern, technological, and urban, can be sensual and visual, can be vulgar and harsh. What is the role of men in feminist erotica? One expects women driven by revenge to create the same objects as the men they represent in classic porn, but no, after all, they’re fine. The usual erotic tapes mostly discriminate against men themselves. Remember, we wrote down the phenomenon of the “male gaze,” which is characteristic of camera operators in porn films. Thus, one is a map of a male character, such as a subtitled one that anyone who sees it can associate himself with. But the truth is, why should a man look at another naked man if he is straight? This is why men in women’s porn pay so much attention to their bodies, their behavior, their reactions, and their tastes. Is there an excess of “vanilla” or inappropriate romance in women’s porn? Only those that are accepted by the plot. For example, if two friends have fallen in love with each other for a long time and finally realize the reciprocity of feelings and decide to have sex, can’t anyone expect them to be immediately pampered with violent and horny subtitles? No, they will be soft, clumsy, happy, able to hold hands, shy, and spend time getting to know each other’s corpses. And about that, great feminist porn says: it’s about intimate and real sex.