Between the Bridesmaid

My name is Charles Brown, but my friends all call me Charlie. Yeah, just like that round headed kid in the comics, and, ironically, this story involves a girl with curly red hair. Her name was Mary and she was far too hot for a comic strip in any family newspaper I’ve ever seen. Her dark red curly hair hung down to her white shoulders, her cute little tits stood out from her slender frame and her marvelously tight tush was enough to….well, before the memory of Mary makes me any more hot and bothered, maybe I should start at the beginning.

I have a brother named James. My parents were and are a couple of sick individuals. James’ wedding was the family event of the season and I was stuck in a tuxedo to play usher. Mary first caught my eye at the rehearsal dinner. She had sparkling green eyes, a cute button nose on a lightly freckled face, a wonderful smile, long shapely legs and a slim sexy body. She was the bride’s older sister and a bridesmaid. Though we were paired up to walk down the aisle, she was way out of my league. I’d just turned eighteen and she had about a half dozen years on me but, hey, there’s no harm in silent lusting! At first glance, she wasn’t extremely gifted in the chest department but from the rear she was a sight to send my hormones raging. Her tight round butt pressed against the fabric of her tight skirt. The heels she was wearing caused it to lift and separate just enough to cause me shortness of breath. I don’t think I said more than ten stuttered words to her that entire night.

We made it through the church wedding without any major disasters. Mary looked stunning in her emerald green bridesmaid gown, something about all that gorgeous red hair against dark green silk really set me off, though it really didn’t show off her ass as well as the outfit she’d worn at the dinner. Perhaps that helped me talk to her a bit, I don’t know, anyway once we got to talking we got to laughing. She had a wicked and sly sense of humor that made me real comfortable around her.

After the first hour, the reception became a jeans and tee shirt affair for most of the younger crowd. Mary’s small, proud, pointed breasts looked fine in a tee shirt but even more astounding was what her curvy round buns did to a tight pair of jeans. The mere sight of those twin beauties and the deep cleft between them quickly turned my mind to mush and my dick into steel. Before I could even catch my breath Mary grabbed my hand and pulled me out on to the dance floor for some sort of fast dance. If there was ever a booty that deserved shaking it was Mary’s. Watching her tight round rear wiggle and writhe was almost more than I could take. She was shaking. I was stirred.

When the band moved into a slow number I tried to escape but Mary pulled me close. Her perfume filled my nostrils as she pressed her firm body against mine. She was light in my arms and gently moved me across the floor, almost making it seem like I could really slow dance. She put her head on my shoulder and I could hear her giggling softly.

“Why, Chuck, I’m honored!”

“What, huh, ah, why?” I responded with my usual grace, style and precise elocution.

“You’ve got yourself a rather impressive hard on, young Mr. Brown,” she whispered in my ear.

I could feel myself blush from my scalp to my toes. My lips refused to form words.

She took her head off my shoulder and stared into my eyes.

“Maybe we should do something about that,” she smiled.

She led me to her car. Her apartment was less than a mile away from the reception hall. Soon I was sitting on the edge of her bed watching her lift her tee shirt off. When she dropped her bra a friendly pair of pink nipples stood out from her small white breasts. Her jeans and panties quickly dropped to the floor. Her skin was like ivory, which made the crimson hair between her legs look like fire. She raised my tee shirt over my head and tossed it on the floor. She looked down at me with a suddenly serious expression on her face.

“You’re not one of those hair trigger teen boys, are you?”

My adams apple jumped up and down, sometimes I had came a bit too quick and she had me plenty excited standing so naked, so close and so desirable.

“I, um, sometimes, I guess,” I confessed, “though, well, I jerked off this morning.”

She moved closer, a grin on her pretty face.

“Thinking of me, I hope.”

“Yeah” I answered honestly

“Thinking of my ass?” She asked as she unbuttoned my jeans.

“Oh yeah!” I panted as she grabbed hold of my cock.

She kissed me deeply as her hands ran up and down my cock.

“Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?” she asked in a husky voice.

I shook my head no, my heart pounding wildly in my chest.

She slid down my body and tugged my jeans and briefs to the floor. Then she stood before me and twirled around several times, her red hair swinging as she gave me my first glorious view of her beautiful naked bum.

She stopped spinning and leaned over me. Her deep green eyes glittering as they stared into mine, a wide and wonderful smile was on her lips as she made me an offer she knew I had no chance of refusing.

“Would you like to fuck my ass?”

I nodded my head slowly up and down.

She leaned past me and opened the drawer to her nightstand. Kneeling down in front of my throbbing erection, she slipped a condom on my cock and then squirted some lubricant into her palm. She gently and sensuously slid her hand up and down my latex clad cock, smearing it with the shiny gel. Then, she got up on the bed on her knees. Her firm round buns were in the air, a patch of crimson fire between her legs and her cute, puckered asshole staring out at me from between her ivory cheeks.

“Well, come and get it, Tiger,” she laughed, “the reception isn’t going to go on all night.”

I sprung up to my knees behind her. She reached down between her legs and grabbed my eager erection.

“Slide it in nice and gentle,” she instructed, “and I’ll get us started from there.”

I couldn’t believe my decently endowed dick was going to fit into that tight little space but sliding between her buns was sheer heaven and when the head of my cock made contact with her tight little butthole it was like a flower opening to accept a bee. It swallowed my hardness in little gulps, little ripples of lust ran along the surface of my shaft as her ass took more and more of my length until over half of my hard eight inches was buried in her warm tightness. Mary then reached down between her legs and began stroking her pussy as her incredible rump began grinding up against me.

At first I hardly moved, just soaking in the fabulous sensations that tight little hole was giving me as it massaged my cock but as the passion fired hot and red I became bolder. Grabbing hold of her powerful hips, I began to match her rhythm, gently pumping in and out of her bunghole as she slid her fingers between the red fur that surrounded her slit. Her head was buried in a pillow. Looking down I drank in the view of her dark red, curly hair against her smooth pale skinned muscular back. The muscles rippled as she rocked back and forth, her ivory skin was flushed pink at the shoulders and in patches around her ovary dimples. Her once white ass cheeks were now rosy and glowing with a thin sheen of sweat. We were both panting and softly grunting with lust.

“Oh, OK, yeah, fuck me harder, fuck me deeper,” she began to moan, “give me that hard young cock, fuck my ass, baby, fuck it hard.”

I grabbed her smooth, hard buns tightly and slid in deep. Mary let out a deep guttural groan of pleasure. My pelvis was slapping against her cheeks as my cock began pounding in and out of her, my balls slapping against her silky inner thighs as her fingers darted in and out of her pussy. We were locked in an unstoppable, rocking ride. I could feel the cum churning and fought to hold it off. Her tight hot ass was squeezing my cock with every stroke, driving me closer and closer to climax. I was biting my lower lip when I felt her body stiffen and powerful rippling sensation all along my shaft. Her ass muscles clenched as she cried out that she was cumming.

Her ass had me gripped so tight that I couldn’t move. My entire nervous system exploded, my balls sent forth a massive load and I squirted spasm after spasm as my hips twitched and jerked. We collapsed on the bed. I was still buried deep between the bridesmaid’s buns, my face buried in her mass of curly red hair, panting and gasping. Somehow, I couldn’t help thinking of my round-headed namesake. Forget Lucy and Peppermint Patty, CB, go for the curly red head girl. Mine was incredible.

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