Erotic Cummings

For the last few years, my ex-wife and I have engaged in a torrid affair. You see I am a avid cross dresser, who enjoys playing the role of a uninhibited female sex slut, who shares herself with women. This game allows my ex (Amanda), to keep most of her marriage vows intact, while allowing her to express her more kinky and dominate side, needless to say it has been a very satisfying relationship for both of us. We usually meet once or twice a month, at a discreet out of the way hotel for a couple of nights of decadent, perverted sex play. On this particular weekend, I had dressed in a gold form fitting micro mini, matching 6″ stiletto heels, patterned nylon stockings, auburn shoulder length layered wig and full make up, with my asshole generously lubricated as a special touch.

When the knock at the door came, I quickly rushed to open it and found Amanda wearing silk knee length black skirt with a split to her waist, a deep neck lined lace white top with her hair flowing luxuriously down her back. Her beauty was of no surprise to me, what did surprise me… was that beside her stood another woman, stunning in her own right. Standing about 5′ 7″, 130 pounds, smooth ebony skin, with perfectly shaped thighs , 36 D breast and jet black, shoulder length hair, she wore a v-necked, jersey knit white mini skirt that left little to the imagination as to the fitness of her body. As I stood there pleasantly stunned, Amanda introduced the woman as her good friend Janet, then leaning in to whisper into my ear she said “don’t worry she’s cool”, I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant, but the growing erection in my silk panties said “go with the flow”. So, after about a half hour of smoking the “good” stuff, a couple of glasses of Remy martin, laughter and small talk, none of us were feeling any pain.

Amanda made the first move by removing her top to reveal a black lace bra that barely covered half of her 38″ DD breast, quarter size aureole and dime sized nipples. Normally, if I were in “man” mode, I would have welcomed this little threesome, but tonight I wasn’t sure just where this party was headed. You see, long ago Amanda and I had agreed that when I was dressed as my alter ego Lisa, I would respond only with the needs and desires of a woman, but now Amanda gave me no time to ponder the situation as she slid her skirt up her golden brown thighs, spread her legs to reveal her pantyless smooth shaved pussy, looked me straight in the eye as she started to stroke her clit said “So, is Lisa ready to eat some pussy”? In a flash I was on my knees, licking my way to the luscious crevice that leaked her juices I knew how she liked me to perform for her, and I eagerly slid my form fitting tight dress up my thighs to the point that I could feel the cool air conditioning blowing on my lubricated asshole. As I lapped at Amanda’s slit, she reached down and gently massaged my 34″ D silicone breast, which I’d had specially made. Behind me I could hear that Janet was enjoying the show from her view on the love seat behind me, as she eagerly urged us on with enthusiasm. It didn’t take Amanda long to let loose a mouthful of her delicious juices, usually about this time she would reach to her purse for her 8″ strap-on dildo and the real fun would begin, but tonight would be different.

As I lifted my cum covered face from Amanda’s mound, I felt a hand caressing my thong covered ass, and as I wiggled it lewdly expecting a lick or maybe a smack, I looked to my left, only to Janet had now joined the fun and stood nude beside me, revealing her more than ample sized breast a firm flat stomach and much to my surprise, an even firmer 7′ uncircumcised, shaved shiny and throbbing cock. With my mouth agape, I looked back to Amanda, who just smiled, lifted her breast and took both of her nipples in her mouth, while humping her mound and clit against my fast and furiously moving thumb.

Surprised… I was, but in my heightened state of arousal, I didn’t have to be told twice what was expected of me. Reaching up with my left hand, I firmly grasped Janet’s monster and started planting kisses and licks from her shaved balls to the head of her cock. Having been the recipient of many a fantastic blow job, I knew exactly how to proceed. Once I had that ebony rod covered in saliva, I covered the head with my lips and feverishly twirled my tongue around it. Now, looking straight into Janet’s eyes, inch by inch I slowly swallowed 6″ of her cock to the back of my throat. At the same time I drove my thumb deep into Amanda’s dripping pussy as she responded by grabbing my hand to press the expanse between my thumb and fore finger against her clit. Simultaneously she clinched her inner walls against my thumb and actually sprayed juices down my arm to my elbow. Meanwhile Janet was in ecstasy as she squeezed both of her breast together with one hand, leisurely licking her nipples.

With her other hand behind my head, she force feed me the final inches of her cock. My own cock strained against the flimsy material of my thong and my asshole tingled in anticipation. I continued to suck Janet’s cock for another ten minutes or so as Amanda urged me on, as I felt Janet’s cock start to swell in my mouth, I thought this would be my first mouthful of she-male cum but, Janet abruptly pulled her cock from my mouth, stepped over my arm, pulled my thumb from Amanda’s dripping box and replaced it with her hardness. Amanda wasted no time in throwing her legs to the ceiling, as she feasted on Janet’s breast as if they were her last meal. From my vantage point I had the perfect view of Janet’s ass as it flexed with each stroke of her cum covered cock driving deeper and deeper into Amandas dripping womanhood. Then it happened… Janet pulled out of Amanda ocean of pussy juice, grabbed her cock and released squirt after squirt of creamy cum sauce all over Amanda’s pussy, at the same time Amanda’s body went into involuntary convulsions as she frantically stroked her clit to another monster orgasm.

Janet then fell off to the side, seemingly exhausted with her meat still sticking straight up in the air. At first I lost as to what to do, should I clean the juice off that deliciously hard cock? Should I thank Amanda for the glorious gift she’d given me by licking her dry? I wanted to taste both of their juices, while it was still hot so, leaning over Amanda, I first licked her mound clean of Janet’s load and then drove my tongue deep inside her as she sighed with the release of another orgasm. As I licked her clean, Amanda grabbed the back of my head and held it in place, as I simultaneously felt Janet’s firm hands massaging and spreading my ass. Quickly she moved my thong to the side and exposed my puckered lubricated asshole,then I felt her smooth manicured thumb working it’s way into my ass. I pushed back to take as much as I could but Janet had other ideas, she pulled her thumb from my ass, and a moment later I felt the smooth silky head of her cock invade my asshole, my ass opened with ease and soon Janet was filling me with all 7″ of her glorious cock. She fucked me with the same intensity as she had Amanda, with slow, full strokes, as she squeezed and kneaded my ass, cum leaked from my own un touched cock, and my moans of pleasure were muffled by as Amanda’s soaking slit sprayed my face with yet another release of her juices. Janet was spouting lewdness as she fucked me with full fury, “spread that ass you hot little slut”, “take that dick”, she moaned.

I was used to Amanda’s strap-on, but this was incredible, I could feel Janet’s cock pulsing and throbbing inside me as I reached down to stroke my own hardness. I could feel her swell inside me, preparing for the final assault on my quivering asshole. And, lifting me off the floor by my hips, Janet drove her cock even deeper inside me and held it as she exploded. The heat of her load scorched my insides, filled me spurt after spurt until she had pulsed the last drop within me. Slowly she slid out of my ass, leaving me feeling empty and my asshole gaping open like never before. Having given me another face full of her juices, Amanda now released my head from her steaming slit and I slid face first to the floor. For what seemed like forever, only my labored breathing could be heard throughout the room. Then I felt a soft but firm tongue licking my asshole and as I turned my head to see who it was, I saw Janet again entering Amanda from behind as her tongue easily slid into my cum filled ass. I hunched my ass against her face, feeling at least half of her tongue inside me, and as she slowly stroked my engorged cock, I blasted my own load into the carpet as Janet pushed forward, flooding Amanda with a load of her own.

Lying there, exhausted, with Amanda’s tongue still up my ass, I was amazed at Janet’s ability to cum, recover and cum again so quickly. Soon I fell into the deepest most restful sleep I have ever known and when I awoke, the ladies were gone, but I found a note beside me that said, “Lisa, wear another slut outfit, and be ready for the fucking of your life tonight, be back at 7pm. Love, Amanda and Janet”. At that I laughed gently to myself, as I felt a tingle in my well fucked ass. “It;s only 10am”, I thought. So… still wearing my outfit from last night, I rose from the floor, crossed the room and hit rewind on the VCR, that had been secretly recording all of last nights events. Then I went to the bedroom to retrieve my favorite 8″ suction held dildo.

Returning to the living room I dropped to my knees, raised my dress above my hips and while massaging my breast with one hand, I lubricated my ass with the other, secured my dildo in it’s holding place and swooned as I bend over and took it deep inside my hot ass. As the video played, I marveled at the image of myself taking Janet’s cock down my throat, and imagined how much deeper I could take it tonight………. to be continued

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