Experimenting – Anal Sex Story

Experimenting - Anal Sex Story

I came home late again. I had to work late shifts lately just to get ahead of the game. And even though my girlfriend would protest, it was for the better in the long run. I needed to save a bundle so that I could get out of this apartment of mine.

When I walked in however, things looked odd. The door was unlocked and left ajar. Someone had been in there and Tracy doesn’t get home for another hour. I slowly made my way through the house, looking for the intruder. And when I saw Tracy’s purse on the table, I breathed a sigh of relief. She had just left the door open for me.

In fact, she had left a few things for me. Lying on the floor near her purse was her shoes. Evidently she was looking to relax. But oddly, she always put her clothing away. This was distinctly different for her. When I went to pick them up and put them in the closet, I saw her socks lying on the floor across the room near the hallway.

With the shoes in hand, I picked up the socks and headed to the stairs to put them up in the laundry basket.

At the bottom of the stairs was her shirt. Things were getting odd. I followed the trail to her skirt at the top of the stairs and then her bra down the upstairs hallway. And finally on the handle to the shower room hung her panties.

I opened the door at the end of the trail and peeked inside. There was Tracy lying in a shallow pool of water at the bottom of the tub with the shower turned on and the water cascading over her naked body. She looked up to me with a soft smile on her face and beckoned me to join her.

My clothes were off in a flash. I practically leaped into the tub with her and shut the shower door. A cozy little place just for the two of us. She was hot and definitely intensely horny to have come home and gotten this elaborate. She stood up in the shower, the water rushing down over my face.

She silently let me know what she was in the mood for when she grabbed a hold of the washcloth bar under the steamy showerhead and bent over to me, not that I would be one to argue in the least. I leaned up and parted the cheeks of her tight and perfect ass. I kissed gently along the delicate and pale curves, getting a deep moan from her lips.

Her tight little pucker invited me. I leaned in a little closer and stroked along that small pink muscle. As I did, Tracy cried out in her inner lust. Yes this is definitely what she had been looking for since she had come home.

She gripped tightly to that bar, her legs shivering from the pure pleasure of having my tongue caressing her ass. She loved it. When I had first met her, I had never made love to a woman that way before. It just never crossed my mind. And when she asked me to do it the first time, I was a little apprehensive. But now I think I like it more than even she does.

She leaned back to me and I wrapped my arms around her, slowly massaging her soft slit with my fingertips as I gingerly circled that tight pucker, pushing in slowly to widen that pink little muscle. Just the slightest touch drove my girlfriend crazy. And if she cried out any louder, I would swear the neighbors would easily hear us.

But that was not everything she wanted. I stood back to my feet and pressed by hard cock against the crack of her impossibly tight ass. The water rushed over us, cleaning off nay sweat that had been left behind in the heat of passion. The water ran down our bodies as I kneaded the head of my manhood against that little pucker of her hole.

All Tracy could manage was to hold on. Her body nearly hung from the bar as she leaned back onto my cock. But I could not just push in. I took the soap from the shelf and lathered my hard cock up as I pushed into her pink knot with one soap-lubricated fingertip. I was much bigger than my tongue or my finger. She needed to be prepared carefully. I pulled gently around that tight muscle as she relaxed.

When I finally eased my cock slowly into her, she let out a long scream of her arousal. She slammed back, impaling me completely inside her and putting pressure on her pussy’s depths.

I reached around her body, the waters rushing off any excess soap that had been there. Once again, my fingertips found home at the sweet depths of her pussy.

Tracy was forced to let go of the bar and press her chest and breast to the wall of the shower. She stood up straight with me imbedded inside her. She had no escape now. I was not going to let her go until she got the treat that she so wanted.

I held her tightly against the cool tiles with the warm waters basting over us. My cock was slowly gyrating within the tight walls of her ass. I slowly thrust myself into her body as I slid my fingers inside her dripping wet sex. And that has nothing to do with the water.

When she came, I thought she was going to tear the tiles of the bathroom right off. She once again grabbed at the washcloth bar attached to the wall. She leaned back, the spray of the shower hitting her right in the face and rolling down over her hardened nipples and down to quench the burning fires within her.

In turn, I held her tightly around the waist and pumped my seed into her. I almost lost my balance and fell to the floor I came so hard that night. When at least, the sweet sensations of our dueling orgasms started to subside, we both lay down in the waters of the bathtub with my half hardened cock still held inside her. It would be a little while before I could regain my breath for round two. But if I had anything to do with this whole scenario, this was not stopping until we passed out in the tub.

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