Our Fantasy Answered

My name is Diane. I want to share something that happened to me when my husband and I ventured into an interracial experience. I am not one of the beautiful people that are in many stories here. I am just an average looking mother and housewife. I am 50 years old and my husband (Don) is 52. We have been married for 31 years. We have 3 grown children who are out on their own. I am 5′2″, 110, 34C and wear a size 6P. I walk daily and do aerobics at least once per week. I would like to think that I am in good shape. (except for the wear and tear of giving birth, and the never ending perils of gravity) J Don is 5′8″ a bit overweight and not very endowed. He does not exercise at all and has a high stress job. Over time our sex life has diminished. We talk a lot and have shared some fantasies with each other.

His fantasy has always been to watch me with another man, preferably one that is well endowed. He even suggested a black man. One of my fantasies was also to try a well endowed man and I secretly wanted to try a black man but didn’t share that with Don. Anyway, we joined an interracial dating site and have been looking through the various categories. We were both amazed at the popularity of interracial experiences. After surfing through the many categories, we agreed to meet a black man. One section was an “advertising” area for people wanting to get together. We began e-mailing two men from our region with the plan of pursuing some type of get together.

We narrowed it down to one and have been e-mailing him for a few weeks. He seemed to be a good candidate for what we wanted. He is 42 years old. He sent pictures and is very well endowed. He boasts of 8 inches and very thick. (Hubby is slightly over 5″) Don and I talked about this and agreed to the meeting. Our plan was to meet at a major hotel at a halfway point since neither of us can take a chance of being recognized. Don agreed to let me be alone for the first time. I explained that I would be too nervous with him in the room. Our plan was to rent two rooms that abut with an adjoining inner door. He would be next door while I met with my new lover.

During the week leading up to my “date”, I had feelings of apprehension, fear, and excitement. Anyway, the day finally came. Don and I checked in, paid for the two rooms and headed upstairs so I could bathe and get ready. The clerk looked a bit confused on us getting two rooms, especially after signing in as husband and wife.

Once in the room I started to get ready. I bathed in fragrant bath oils, shaved very neatly and laid in the tub letting my mind wander on what was in store for me. For my grand evening I planned to dress very conservatively, since I am an “older” married woman. I selected a simple black cocktail dress, with matching bra and panties and only 2″ heels. Nothing exotic here. We agreed to meet at the dining room at 7 p.m. The time had arrived and we headed to the dining room. I saw him the moment I entered the lobby. His name is Derek. He was much better looking than his picture, standing about 6′2″ and weighing well over 200 pounds but I couldn’t see any fat. He was articulate and a great talker which put me at ease. I have been a nervous wreck since we set the date to meet. I don’t know if my nervousness was due to this extra-marital affair or that I was going to experience a long time fantasy of mine. From the e-mails we shared, I had learned that he was single, a construction worker from New York and had been with several white women, married and single. He had even sent us some photos of him and other women he had been with.

After dinner we went to the lounge for drinks. I normally have no more than two glasses of wine in an entire evening. This evening I had three glasses of wine with dinner and had two cosmopolitans in the lounge. The band was playing and he asked me to dance with him. I could feel the size of his bulge on my stomach and I got both scared and aroused. The wine and cosmos took effect and I told Don that I was ready to go upstairs. I don’t know if my head was spinning from the alcohol, from the excitement of the evening, from the bulge he continuously pressed into me, from the thought of what was going to happen, or a combination of everything.

Don knew that I was excited because of the way I kept snuggling to Derek, dancing every slow dance with him and hanging on every word he said. We received quite a few stares from the other patrons. Derek and I left to go to our room while we left Don there to pay the tab. I leaned over and kissed Don while rubbing my hand up his thigh. He was hard as a rock. I knew that he was excited about this happening as well.

As soon as we entered the elevator Derek began rubbing my ass and cupping my breasts, telling me how good I looked and that I would be having the time of my life. All I could think of was that large bulge in his pants and all those myths I had read about concerning black men, their size and their stamina. I guess I was going to find out if it was true. I had goose bumps all over. He had asked earlier about my sex life and was excited to hear that he was the first black man I had ever been with. He even called me a virgin. It’s been a long time since anyone ever referred to me as virgin anything.

The time has arrived. My heart was pounding as we got to the door. As soon as we entered the room he grabbed me and kissed me. I never felt him pull my zipper down but responded when he slid the straps off of my shoulders and let my dress fall to the floor. I helped by removing my bra and kicking off my shoes. He kept kissing my lips, shoulders and neck while playing with my nipples. I was hoping that he wouldn’t be disappointed with my 50 year old shape. If he was, he never showed it. He took my hand and led me to the sofa. He sat down with me standing in front of him. He began by sucking on my nipples and then kissing my stomach while slowly pulling my panties down. I was nervous, excited and soaking wet. He grabbed my ass and pulled me close to him. I wanted to faint as he started flicking his tongue against my clit. All I could do was hold the back of his head and pull him to me. He pulled me onto the sofa and stood up. I watched as he removed his shirt and started unbuckling his pants. As he dropped his slacks to the floor I could see the “tenting” of his red silk boxer shorts. (Don wears white cotton briefs) He took my hands and put them to his waistband. I knew what he wanted, and he knew what I wanted. As I pulled his shorts down his cock sprung out at me. It was at least eight inches and very thick. I began to get nervous, thinking that I could never handle something this size. It was so dark with thick veins and a huge set of balls. He sensed my concern and assured me that everything will be just fine. I tried to take him in my mouth but could only get a bit more than the head of it in. After a moment or two of sucking and stroking he pushed me back on the sofa. He knelt between my legs and began fingering my clit while biting and sucking on my nipples. He then slid down and began sucking on my clit, darting his tongue in and out of my pussy. I was in pure heaven. After a few moments he knelt between my legs. The moment has come. I asked him to wear a condom. He said he would, but only when he is ready to cum. Right now he says, this is still foreplay. As he put the head in, I jerked backwards. He reassured me again, while I begged him to go slow. He did. After a few moments of short strokes he was halfway in, and I felt fully stretched. It felt great. He would continue to stroke me and then frequently pull out and run his cock head on my clit. This would only make me hotter and I would ask him to put it back in. He then took my legs and put them on his shoulders as he entered me again. I had my hands against his thighs and would push back, asking again for him to go slow and easy. After a few minutes he stopped moving and was just looking at me, smiling. He then said for me to look down at his cock. I did and saw that it was all the way in. How did I take something this large? He began to stroke me slow and deep and then would speed up and pump me furiously, then go back to slow and deep. We continued to fuck for quite a while and I was amazed at his stamina. I lost count of my orgasms. I would close my eyes and actually see stars.

Derek then told me that I should go see Don and let him see how stretched I was. He also told me to tell Don that he was not through with me and that I would be coming back to him for a lot more fucking. I followed his orders and went next door. Don was lying on the bed when I came in. I could see an instant erection, albeit somewhat small. He couldn’t believe what my nipples looked like or the bite marks all over my breasts. I took his hand and put it to my pussy letting him feel how swollen and stretched I was. He asked if I liked what was happening. I told him that I did and that I was going back for more. I explained that Derek had not come yet, but I have had several orgasms. I think he was disappointed that I was going back but he was sporting quite an erection. I assured him that his turn was coming and I would tell him every detail of what was happened. I reached down and stroked his cock, kissed him deeply and went back to Derek.

He was now lying on the bed. As I climbed onto the bed he told me to suck his cock. I got between his legs and did my best to get his cock in my mouth. After a few moments of sucking and stroking his cock and cupping his balls he pulled me up to him so that I was straddling him. He told me to put his cock in my pussy. I reached down and guided him into me. I began to rock back and forth, taking more and more with each move. After a few moments of this I was able to take all of him inside me. We fucked like that for while, letting me control the depth and speed. He rolled me over ending up on top of me. Now it was his turn and he began to pound away at me. I couldn’t believe how good this felt. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out. He reached over to the nightstand for a package of condoms lying there. As I watched him start to open the package I decided that I wanted to feel all of him. I reached down and took the package away. I told him that I wanted the whole experience and I took the head of his cock and pulled it back to my pussy lips. We fucked for what seemed like eternity. With each thrust I was being stretched, and it felt great. I was in ecstasy. I could feel him tightening up and knew that he was close. As he did one final thrust, I arched my back and locked my legs around him. He came forever and so did I.

After a while of lying there together connected, he spoke. He asked if we could meet again. I wasted no time in telling him that I would love to be with him again. He said that he wanted to fuck me on my marital bed. I didn’t think that Don would agree to that, yet I wanted to be with him again. I told him that I would, but couldn’t tell Don. I knew I was hooked. I had to have more of this man, or was it his cock. I was now a believer of these myths. This man was the largest I ever had, and was the best lover I ever had.

We agreed to meet in three days because I knew Don would be gone on a business trip. He told me that I was to meet him at my door wearing only a robe and told me to shave my pussy completely. I agreed. I then kissed him and his cock goodbye – or should I say, so long for now.

I got up and went back to Don. We made love although he could not get much feeling from me being so stretched. Regardless, he didn’t last very long. And I could barely feel him inside me. All the time he was fucking me my mind was thinking about Derek’s big cock. Don was harder than I ever remember so I know that this was a good experience for him. I told him every detail of what Derek and I did except for our plan to meet again at our home. We made love twice more that night. I woke up that morning sore, stretched and swollen, but just knowing how it happened made all the pain go away.

The following morning we checked out. Don had no idea that I gave Derek my cell phone number, our address and that we would be meeting again. On our ride home Don asked if I would be interested in doing this again with Derek and if I felt comfortable enough to let him watch. I told him that I was still a bit nervous about him being in the room but I would definitely like to meet with Derek again. I promised him that he would get his wish but he needed to be patient with me.

Three days later I was pacing my living room waiting for Derek to arrive. I saw him pull in the driveway. The bell rang. When I opened the door, I stood back a bit because I was wearing only a silk robe. We live in a residential area and our front door is in view of my neighbors. He ordered me to step forward. I did. He looked at me and smiled. He reached over and cupped my breast. He told me to untie my robe. I did. He reached down and ran his hand over my pussy – my completely shaven pussy. We went into the house.

He asked me where the bedroom was. I took his hand and led the way. He told me to take off my robe and lay on the bed. He then said to open my legs for him. I did. I was so hot and had to have him. I was prepared to do anything he asked. I know that I was acting like a star struck teenager but this man brought me to heights I had never experienced. I watched him undress and was getting wetter by the second. His big black cock stuck straight out and I knew that it would be deep inside me very shortly. He knelt in between my legs and easily slid his cock head in due to my wetness. I immediately wrapped my legs around him and tried pulling him into me. I lost track of time and was having orgasm after orgasm. This time there was no foreplay, just hard fucking. I put my legs over his shoulders, signaling that I wanted him deep inside me. He granted me that wish. We stayed in bed for the entire afternoon. We fucked in almost every position imaginable. This man’s stamina was incredible. He was unbelievable. He asked me about anal sex but I told him that I could not handle his size. His only response was, “in due time”.

Around 4pm the phone rang. I told Derek that I was expecting Don to call. As I was talking with Don and telling him that I missed him and things are fine at home I was stroking Derek’s cock. After the call ended, Derek asked about taking a shower. I brought him into the bathroom and we showered together. With the hot water cascading down on me I knelt before him and worked feverishly on his cock. I sucked the head while stroking the shaft with both hands. It didn’t take long for my reward. I took some of his cum in my mouth and the rest on my face. We dried each other off, taking ample time with each other.

We went into the living room and had some wine. He continued to tell me how good I looked and how sexy I was. I was on cloud nine. He asked about another meeting. I know I should have stopped this but couldn’t. This was the best sex I have had in over 30 years and didn’t want it to end. I told him that I would have to think about it and could not jeopardize my marriage of 31 years. He smiled and said that I would be calling him. He then got up to leave. I walked him to the door, kissed him, and watched him leave.

I knew he would be coming back – I just have to set the date.

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